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Smithson Valley High School Senior Photos

Kaydence and I had the absolute best time shooting her grad photos! She opted for a cap and gown mini studio session for her senior photos.

Kaydence had a very clear vision for her photos. She requested confetti, balloons and silhouette photos were a must.

Here’s a little behind the scenes peek from her session. I transformed my living room into a studio and shot her session tethered to my laptop. Being tethered allowed Kaydence to easily view the photos I captured in real-time on my laptop. This made it super easy for her to chose the photos she wanted from the session.

These silhouette photos were high on Kaydence’s must have shots.

Kaydence is an absolute doll with the most beautiful and infectious smile! I truly enjoyed working with her and wish her the very best in all her future endeavors!

Smithson Valley Class of 2023 Grad Photos

Kaydence – Smithson Valley Class of 2023

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Prom Night

Prom season is officially here!!!

I just loved seeing everyone dressed to the nines, feeling great and ready to celebrate.

Whether it’s your first prom as a junior or your last one as a senior, getting great photos to document the night is a must. Don’t let the night slip away without taking tons of photos to look back on.

Mini sessions are a great option for prom night photos. If your prom is coming up and would like information on setting up a session for you, your date and/or friend group, message me on IG. I’ll get back to you right away!

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The weather is warming up and San Antonio has so many wonderful locations that are perfect for photography!

If you’re interested in having an outdoor photoshoot, I highly recommend scheduling your session before April. In my experience, it starts getting really hot once April hits in South Texas.

I’m always ready to shoot so if you don’t mind the Texas heat, I’m happy to schedule your session during the summer months.

Message me with any questions you might have!

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Senior Guy Photoshoot

Senior sessions aren’t just for girls and they don’t have to be boring!

senior guy with car

Today’s senior spotlight is on Jayden. We had a blast creating these nontraditional senior photos! I mean, who says that senior photos have to be taken during the day? Now don’t get me wrong, we spent the first part of his session getting all the traditional golden hour shots.

Eilan Hotel San Antonio Senior Session

I always recommend that my seniors bring at least one dressy outfit and a casual one to their sessions. That way there’s plenty of variety and we get those classic shots for mom. Once we knock those out, it’s time to let loose and get creative!

Dodge Challenger Senior Session

Once the sun went down I busted out my Magmod creative gels to take his senior photos to a whole other level.

Dodge senior session

So guys, don’t be shy! Let’s schedule your senior session today and work together to highlight your interests. The possibilities are literally endless and I would love the opportunity to create your one of kind senior session.

high school senior drummer photoshoot

Head on over to the contact form, fill it out and I’ll get back to your right away!

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Studio senior photography

Things are heating up outside so now is a great time to move your photo sessions indoors.

Studio portrait session

Besides staying cool, there are many advantages to taking your photos in a studio. For instance, you don’t have to wait until early evening for good lighting conditions thanks to professional studio lighting. I use the Godox lighting system and have complete control over the look of the photos based on their placement.

High school senior photography

Another advantage is that you can customize your session by creating a set that is uniquely you. There are endless backdrop possibilities to choose from such as colored seamless papers or fabrics. For this session, Kate choose a Superior Seamless paper in her favorite color.

Sunflower photoshoot

Backdrops can be embellished with balloons, banners, flowers or anything else you can dream up. For Kate’s session, she decided to keep the background simple and incorporated items from my prop inventory for a touch of whimsy.

Alternative models

Another advantage of working in a studio is privacy. In the studio, we don’t have to worry about the public wandering into the background. We can also take our time to get the perfect shot.

Sunflower portraits

Where ever you decide to take your photos, the most important thing is communication. Talk to your photographer ahead of your session. Share all of your ideas and any photos you’ve seen with an aesthetic you like. The more you communicate and ask questions, the happier you’ll be with your photos in the end. Your photographer is there to serve you.

heart shaped sunglasses

If you have any question at all, I’d love to chat with you. Hop over to the contact form and I’ll get back to your right away!

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Studio senior photography
Class of 2023 Senior

Believe or not, now is a great time to start looking for a senior photographer. A good way to start is by asking your friends and family for recommendations. Then look at their social media accounts to see if their style fits yours. Once you find some that interest you, reach out to them to see if they’d be a good fit.

Share your ideas with them and ask tons of questions. It’s really important to feel comfortable with your photographer. The more comfortable you are, the more you’ll enjoy the whole experience.

I would love the opportunity to discuss how we can work together to celebrate this milestone moment. Message me on Instagram or fill out the contact form on my website and I’ll get back to you right away!

Studio senior photography

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NLGomez Photography

I’m Norma Gomez of NLGomez Photography and Little Honey Bee Studios. Welcome to my new photography blog!!! I’m thrilled to have you here as I dive deeper into my photography journey through blogging.

NLGomez Photography

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a boy mom, wife and grandma. On top of that, I’m a photographer and mixed media artist as well as an Army vet.

I’m a total sucker for all things creative and have been extremely fortunate to have a hubby who supports me in all my ventures. Actually, my whole family is very supportive. I can always count on them to gas me up when needed lol.

Family Wedding Photo
My baby boy’s wedding day.

I’ve explored all things creative for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I’d spend hours sketching and couldn’t wait to watch Bob Ross on Saturdays. As an adult, I returned to art through crafts and scrapbooking. It was here that I was introduced to photography. In 2006 my hubby gifted me a Canon Rebel SI and I became the quintessential momtog lol.

I followed my family around snapping photos every chance I got. As my kids grew and started participating in extra curricular activities, I quickly realized that I really enjoyed documenting moments beyond my family. I began capturing photos of the other children for their families driven by a deep desire to preserve those fleeting childhood memories for their parents.

Concert Photography

Fast forward to 2014, my youngest takes up guitar and concert photography becomes my jam. I quickly fell in love with the excitement of live music photography and enjoyed the challenge of getting the shot in unpredictable lighting situations.

Then the unthinkable happened, Covid-19. The world shut down and live music became a distant memory. I quickly realized that if I wanted to continue in photography, it was time to pivot.

Class of 2020
Graham – Class of 2020

As luck would have it, my youngest was a senior in the class of 2020 and I’d just taken senior pics for his friend and bandmate.

Studio senior photography
Josh – Class of 2020

Then during lockdown, I took my son’s senior photos and that my friends, is when I made the decision to pivot into portrait photography. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a photographing so many wonderful people and I’m loving every minute of it!

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