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Studio senior photography

Things are heating up outside so now is a great time to move your photo sessions indoors.

Studio portrait session

Besides staying cool, there are many advantages to taking your photos in a studio. For instance, you don’t have to wait until early evening for good lighting conditions thanks to professional studio lighting. I use the Godox lighting system and have complete control over the look of the photos based on their placement.

High school senior photography

Another advantage is that you can customize your session by creating a set that is uniquely you. There are endless backdrop possibilities to choose from such as colored seamless papers or fabrics. For this session, Kate choose a Superior Seamless paper in her favorite color.

Sunflower photoshoot

Backdrops can be embellished with balloons, banners, flowers or anything else you can dream up. For Kate’s session, she decided to keep the background simple and incorporated items from my prop inventory for a touch of whimsy.

Alternative models

Another advantage of working in a studio is privacy. In the studio, we don’t have to worry about the public wandering into the background. We can also take our time to get the perfect shot.

Sunflower portraits

Where ever you decide to take your photos, the most important thing is communication. Talk to your photographer ahead of your session. Share all of your ideas and any photos you’ve seen with an aesthetic you like. The more you communicate and ask questions, the happier you’ll be with your photos in the end. Your photographer is there to serve you.

heart shaped sunglasses

If you have any question at all, I’d love to chat with you. Hop over to the contact form and I’ll get back to your right away!

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